Fiber Optic Experiment





Our goal is two fold:

1) To show basic properties of fiber optic coupling

2) to show the ability to modulate output intensity via input phase difference


Major Equipment:

-Newport F-CLX-0 Fiber-optic Wire Cleaver        
-Newport N32916 twisted Fiber-optic coupler     
-Newport F-1015 Mounts (4)                            
-Newport M-20x lens (4)                                 
-JDS Uniphase 1126P 633nm/10mW HeNe Laser
-Newport Polarizing Beam Splitter Cube            
-Newport 840 Optical Power Meter                   
-New Focus 5215 Laser Filter Kit                      
-Newport RM25 1/2 Wave Plates (2)                 
-633 nm Optical Isolator Polarizer                    
-Thor Piezo-electric micrometer                       
-Mirrors (2) on movable track (Refractor)           
-Thor MDT694 Single Channel Piezo Driver        
-Tektronix CFG250 Function Generator              
-Tektronix TDS-3054B Digital Oscilloscope        


Overview of Setup

Input Fiber-optic Mount

Output Fiber-optic Mount

Twisted Fiber-Optic Coupler


Diagram of First Experiment

Diagram of Second Experiment



Copyright Blair Reynolds & Chris Schamper Davidson College 2004