Sample MIME Files

The WWW is a multi media environment. It supports a number of data types for text, images, movies, and sound. Unfortunately, you must configure your browser to be able to read some of these types. The only standard that seem to be readable out of the box is gif. Here are some more sample types to help you test your browser:

HELPERS: External Viewers for MIME Files

The following tables should be helpful for idenitifying the many external viewers available for use on your system.

Microsoft Windows

MIME/File Type Extension External Viewer
postscript file .ps Ghostview
video/mpeg .mpg Mpegplay
video/QuickTime .mov MoviePlayer
image/jpeg .jpg Lview Pro
image/tiff .tif Lview Pro
image/gif .gif Lview Pro
audio/wav .wav Windows Mplayer.exe
audio/au .au WPlany

Apple Macintosh

MIME/File Type Extension External Viewer
video/mpeg .mpg Sparkle 2.3.1
video/QuickTime .mov Sparkle 2.3.1
image/jpeg .jpg GIF Converter 2.3.7
image/tiff .tif GIF Converter 2.3.7
image/gif .gif GIF Converter 2.3.7
audio/au .au Sound Machine 2.1
audio/snd .snd Sound Machine 2.1

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