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If you are interested in physics or allied subjects, we believe that Davidson has much to offer you. Because physics is a fundamental natural science, linking science and philosophy, a major in physics provides a natural cornerstone for a well-rounded liberal-arts education. The Davidson College physics department offers a full range of courses appropriate to a major in physics, and excellent opportunities to participate in research efforts of the faculty,  an opportunity which is typically only available in a setting of the size of Davidson.

Many of our students go abroad for a semester, and some even start the major during their sophomore year.  There is also a lot of flexibility as far as when you might take certain courses.  Look at a few typical plans of study for majoring in physics at Davidson.  We strongly recommend that you talk to the Chair of the department as soon as possible if you are considering majoring in physics.

We are located in the recently renovated Dana Science Building and occupy the basement (faculty and student research laboratories and the Science Computation Center) and the first  floor (faculty offices, lecture rooms, and introductory labs).  This renovation will enhance our current program in many ways. Please stop by and see our new facilities if you have a chance. Go to the teaching, research, and computer facilities page

During summer months, we usually have a number of students working on research efforts here at the College. This past summer, 6 students participated in research here at Davidson. We strongly encourage students to engage in research efforts as soon as possible during their undergraduate career. Students are encouraged to initiate independent study and research projects in such areas as atomic and condensed matter physics, electronics and/or computer programming (Java) and interfacing, and foundations of quantum theory and field theory.

Davidson's chapter of the Society of Physics Students has been recognized as one of the outstanding chapters in the United States, and its chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma (Σ Π Σ), the national physics honorary society, is the oldest (and hence was the first) in the United States, having been chartered in 1921.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Dr. Wolfgang Christian, Chair, Department of Physics, Davidson College, P. O. Box 7133, Davidson, NC 28035-7133 or call (704) 894-2322 or e-mail: If you would like to tour our facilities, including our labs, classrooms, etc., please contact Dr. Christian  and schedule an appointment. We would welcome your visit at any time.

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