Spring 2000 NCS-AAPT Meeting at Davidson

 15th Annual Fall Meeting of the
North Carolina Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers
Joint with the Zone 5 SPS Meeting
to be held October 22-23 at Davidson College.

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Dr. Patricia Heller, 2010 AAPT Millikan Award winner, of University of Minnesota will be our Friday night speaker.  She will speak about the state of standards in physics education in middle school and high school. The Reception will begin at 6pm and Dr. Heller will begin her talk at 7pm.  Following the talk there will be a post-talk reception at 8pm in the lobby of Dana. Talk Title and Abstract.

Roger C. Hunter, NASA Project Manager - KEPLER Mission, will speak Saturday morning on NASA’s first extra-solar planet (exoplanet) mission to search for earth-sized planets in stars’ habitable zones.  Talk Title and Abstract.

Dr. Edward Prather, University of Arizona, will speak Saturday morning  about his work on interactive astronomy education.  Talk Title and Abstract.

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