Dr. Mario Belloni, Professor of Physics

B.A. (University of California at Berkeley),  M.S., Ph.D. (University of Connecticut)

Research: Theoretical Physics and Physics Education Research: QCD, Quantum Mechanics, Curricular Development

Office Phone: (704) 894-2320     E-mail: mabelloni@davidson.edu

Dr. Daniel M. Boye, Professor of Physics

B.S. (Emory and Henry College), Ph.D. (University of Georgia)

Research: Experimental Laser Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter: Phonon Dynamics, Coherent Transient Techniques, Impurity Ion Interactions in Solids

Office Phone: (704) 894-2394     E-mail: daboye@davidson.edu

Dr. Laurence S. Cain, Richardson Professor of Physics

B.S. (Wake Forest University), M.S., Ph.D. (University of Virginia)

Research: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics: Elastic, Mechanical and Optical Properties of Solids

Office Phone: (704) 894-2347     E-mail: lacain@davidson.edu

W. Christian

Dr. Wolfgang Christian, Department Chair
Brown Professor of Physics and Director of Physics Computation Center

B.S.,  Ph.D. (North Carolina State University)

Research: Computational Physics and Computational Physics Education Curriculum Development

Office Phone: (704) 894-2322     E-mail: wochristian@davidson.edu

Dr. Timothy H. Gfroerer, Professor of Physics

B.S. (University of the South), M.S. in E.E. (Georgia Tech),  Ph.D. (Dartmouth)

Research: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics: Semiconductor Spectroscopy

Office Phone: (704) 894-2319     E-mail: tigfroerer@davidson.edu

Dr. Kristen L.Thompson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

B.S. (Mount Union College),  Ph.D. (Kentucky)

Research: Radio Astronomy, Astrophysics

Office Phone: (704) 894-3131     E-mail: krthompson@davidson.edu

Dr. John N. Yukich, Associate Professor of Physics

B.A. (Kenyon College),  Ph.D. (University of Virginia)

Research: Experimental Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics: Photodetachment Dynamics; Experimental Biophysics: Cell Motility

Office Phone: (704) 894-2323     E-mail: joyukich@davidson.edu


Ms. Sue Fabros, Physics Departmental Assistant



Office Phone: (704) 894-2073    E-mail: sufabros@davidson.edu

Ms. Ginny Perkey, Physics Laboratory Manager

B.S. Physics (American University)


Office Phone: (704) 894-2649     E-mail: giperkey@davidson.edu

Mr.Chris Van Rooyen, Instrumentation Specialist for the Sciences



Office Phone: (704) 894-2490  E-mail: chvanrooyen@davidson.edu


Department of Physics, Davidson College, P. O. Box 7133, Davidson, NC 28035-7133

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