Electronics and Instrumentation: Physics 310

Davidson College Physics Department

Professor Dan Boye

Course Syllabus
Guidelines for Lab Notebooks
Equipment Checklist
Electronics Safety and Soldering Basics

Component manufacturers' and suppliers' links:

AllDataSheet.com National Instruments Texas Instruments Knowledge Base
Analog Devices  Freescale (formerly Motorola) Hewlett Packard
Datasheet archive Tektronix Electronix Express
Mouser Electronics Digi-Key Electronics    Newark Electronics
Allied Electronics Jameco Circuit Specialists
Arrow Electronics Parts Express ADC0801 datasheets
    555 datasheets

EMAC Primer Microcomputer

EMAC, Inc.  Primer Self-Instruction Manual Primer EMOS Manual   
Intel 8085 Instruction Set Primer Application Manual Primer Schematic
8085 Tutorial Intel 8085 Data Sheets Intel 8085 Instruction Set (explanation)
Z80 Instruction Set (full) Flowchart Tool  

PSPICE Overview from NI

Multisim order

Other interesting links:
Tektronix Oscilloscope Tutorial
TDS210 & 1002 Programmer Manual
TDS320 Programmer Manual
Duracell Battery Specs
Prentice Hall Electronics Superstore for Students/Faculty
General Electronics Information
General electronics website
A/D specifications explained