Dr. Dan Boye
Spring 2005
Dana 134

Classroom: Dana 146
Lecture: MWF 9:30 - 10:20 am
Text: Physics, 6th Edition, Giancoli
Lab: Dana 127, M or W 2:30 - 5:30 pm

Appointments: I am generally available from 9:00-5:00 M-F.  Communication with me by email is very reliable.  If my office light is on and I'm not there, check in the Dana basement (Room B36) or in the Physics Office.


The fundamental concepts of electricity, magnetism, optics, relativity, and atomic & nuclear physics will be presented. A student's understanding of these topics will be evidenced through the use of fundamental concepts in solving word problems. Problem solving is an essential part of any physics course. The mental framework and question-answer dialogue needed to sharpen this skill will be developed.


Attendance: Attendance at class follows the College's 25% rule. It is one of the primary responsibilities of the student to attend each and every class. Each student is responsible for the material discussed in class and the announcements made in class. Absence from class does not relieve one from this responsibility. Please mark the roll on the side board each day you are in class. Attendance at all lab sessions and reviews is required.

Homework: Problems for a chapter will be turned in to be graded at the beginning of the next class period following completion of that chapter in lecture. Discussion among class members regarding homework problem strategies and solutions is strongly encouraged; however, copying another student's work from this class or any previous class is an honor code violation. The word Pledged along with your signature and the date written on your homework signifies your compliance with this requirement. Homework will not be accepted late or unpledged. Unsupported answers will not receive full credit. If you need help, please see me.

Reviews: The reviews and final exam will be comprised of problems similar to but not the same as those worked in the lecture and assigned for homework. They will also include definitions, explanations of phenomena and interpretations of physical principles. There is no need to memorize the solution to a specific problem. One should be ever-mindful as to how a problem is a specific case of a set of general physics laws.

Final Exam: The final exam will be a self-scheduled, closed book, comprehensive exam. Questions concerning material covered between the last review and the last day of class will be on the final exam.


Problems 15% Lab 15% Reviews 45% Exam 25%


Date Chapter Problems Date Chapter Problems
1/10 16 Q-8,17, PE22.4,23.1 3/11 23 Q-20,26, PP34.1,3,4
1/12 16 P-12,14,40,58,64 3/14 23 P-9,17,30,48,57,58
1/14 16 PP22.10,23.7 3/16 23,25 Chpt. 25,Q-7,12,18
1/17  MLK Day   3/18 25 P-16,24,62,67
1/19 17 Q-1,2,5,14,PE25.4, 3/21 25 Physlet 25-1
1/21 17 P-18,38,40,49,68 3/23 24  
1/24 17 PP25.8 3/25  REVIEW II (Chpts. 20-23,25)  
1/26 18 Q-11,12,16 3/28  Easter Break  
1/28 18 P-9,15,25,39,41,54 3/30 24 Q-10,13,16
1/31 18   4/1 24 P-3,9,26,33,59,79
2/2 19 Q-5,15,17,19 4/4 26 Q-1,9,10,19
2/4 19 P-10,19,29,41,52,82 4/6 26 P-11,13,25,38
2/7 19   4/8 26 Physlet 26-1
2/9 20 Q-9,15,18 4/11 27 Q-4,6,9,15
2/11 REVIEW I (Chpts. 16-19)   4/13 27 P-8,26,30,36,44,56,62
2/14 20 P-7,38,43,72,75,79 4/15 27  
2/16 20 PE27.3  4/18 28 P-9,11,31,34,41
2/18 21 Q-5,15,17 4/20 30 Q-7,13,24
2/21 21 P-9,15,44,67,76 4/22 30 P-12,16,28,43,54
2/23 21 PP29.3,29.9,PE31.5 4/25 31 Q-6,9
2/25 22 Q-4,10,PE32.1 4/27 31 P-5,8,10,22,27
2/28-3/4 Spring Break!!! 4/29 REVIEW III (Chpts. 24,26-28,30,31)  
3/7 22 P-3,17,23,25,52 5/2 33  
3/9 23   5/4 Wrap-up

5/6-11 Self-Scheduled, Closed-Book Exam







Jan. 10Lab #1 Electrostatics, Assessment
Jan. 17No Lab
Jan. 24Lab #2 Electric Fields and Potentials
Jan. 31Lab #3 Ohm's Law
Feb. 7Lab #4 DC Circuits
Feb. 14Lab #5 Magnetic Fields
Feb. 21Lab #6 Oscilloscopes and Multimeters
Feb. 28Spring Break, No Lab
Mar. 7Assessment
Mar. 14Lab #7 AC Circuits
Mar. 21Lab #8 Lenses and Mirrors
Mar. 28M,T Easter Break, No Lab W,Th Lab #9 Interference and Diffraction
Apr. 4M,T Lab #9W,Th Lab #10 Relativity
Apr. 11M,T Lab #10W,Th Lab #11 Atomic Spectra
Apr. 18M,T Lab #11W,Th Lab #12 Nuclear Radiation
Apr. 25M,T Lab #12 No Lab