Pre-class Exercise #11

A line of 11 radio transmitters is built so that each transmitter produces a signal with exactly the same amplitude and phase.  Wave crests appear light gray and wave troughs appear dark in the simulation (the position is given in centimeters). What type of wave front does Huygens' principle predict in front of these transmitters if their separation is small compared to the signal's wavelength?   Start 

Note: wait for the frame counter in the upper left-hand corner of the simulation.

Interactive Hint

Build up the transmitter array from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 678910, to 11 sources and look at the waveform near the top of the applet window.


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  A. A plane wave front traveling in a direction perpendicular to the row of transmitters.

  B. A plane wave front traveling along a line connecting the row of transmitters.

  C. A circular wave front centered on the middle transmitter.

  D. Two circular wave fronts centered on the two end transmitters.

This Physlet was created by Mario Belloni and Wolfgang Christian.