Dr. Dan Boye , Fall 2011
Office: Dana 134
Appointments: I am generally available from 9:00-5:00 M-F.  Communication with me by email is very reliable.  If my office light is on and I'm not there, check in the Dana basement (Room B36) or in the Physics Office.

Phone: 894-2394

Physics 115
Musical Technology

Course Syllabus
Performance Calendar
Physics Video Demonstrations

The class will attend Opera Carolina's production of Verdi's Il Trovatore on October 20. Directions to the Belk Theater of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

Giuseppe Verdi

(1812 - 1901)


Il Trovatore synopsis


Supplementary Material:

Credo References
Access Science

Wave Properties and Effects
Wave Motion
Speed of Sound Exercise
Doppler Effect Demo

Superposition Physlet (x)

Superposition Physlet (x,t)

Interference and Diffraction
PlotFunction and Data Physlet
Waves on a String Exercise
Open and Closed Tubes Exercise

The ear and hearing
How the Ear Works

Physiology of the Ear

Basilar Membrane Movies: High Freq.    Medium Freq.    Low Freq.
Fletcher-Munson diagram
Psycho-acoustical Exercises


Decibel Size
dBA, dBB, dBC scales
Davidson Noise Ordinances
OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure Standards

Room acoustics
Dana Acoustics Exercise
Room Acoustics Exercise
Measuring Reverberation Time
Criteria for judging room acoustics
Calculation of Reverberation Time
Calculation Example
Another absorption table
Hi-Fi Criteria
Speaker Placement

Fundamental Statements of Fourier Analysis
Sound Clip Search site
Equal Tempered Scale frequencies

Web demonstrations and exercises
Windows Media Player Visualization Site
Just Noticeable Difference
Virtual Pitch

Phase Information & Hearing
Vibrato: amplitude and frequency

Primary Beats and Combination Tones
Harmonic Series
Linear and Logarithmic Scales

Java2 Sound Tool
Digital Speech Site

Electricity and magnetism
Lamp Circuits Exercise
Energizer Batteries
Magnetism Exercise

Digital audio
Digital Sampling Exercise
Huffman Coding

Links to bios of Famous Scientists involved in Acoustics:

Jules Lissajous

Robert Hooke

Blaise Pascal

Heinrich Hertz

Isaac Newton

Christian Huygens

Christian Doppler

Marin Mersenne

Joseph Fourier

Hermann von Helmholtz

Robert Moog

Alexander G. Bell

Georg Ohm

Michael Faraday

James Watt


Links to acoustic information and companies:

Inventor's Hall of Fame

San Francisco's Exploratorium

Find Sounds

Digital Encoding Patent

Active Noise Control

Dolby Labs

DVD Specs

Martin Guitar

Lissajous Demo

Sound Barrier


Klipsch Horns

Dolby Tech Info

Digital AV

Auditory Research

NYC Opera links

Musical Epochs


Solen Electronique

AudioTechnica Mikes

Pinnacle Speakers (Diaduct)

Flute History

Kaman Music

Recorder Homepage

Classroom Standards


Neumann Mikes


Recorded History


WWV NIST radio site

Room Criteria

TDK recordable media

NXT flat panel speakers

NXT home

Pipe Organ Diagram

MP3 codec

Speaker polar plots

Shure Mikes

E.A.R. Inc. 

 Audacity software

 SFS Win software

          MXL USB mikes USG acoustic panels