Dr. Dan Boye , Spring 2001
Office: Dana 134
Phone: 894-2394

Physics 115
Musical Technology

Course Syllabus
Performance Calendar

The class will attend Opera Carolina's production of Carlisle Floyd's Susannah on February 20. Directions to the Belk Theater of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

Carlisle Floyd

(1926 - present)


 Apocryphal Story


Supplementary Material:

Speed of Sound Exercise
Standing wave Exercise
Just Noticeable Difference
Decibel Size

SoundOut Physlet
Doppler Effect Demo
PlotFunction Physlet
Superposition Physlet
Physiology of the Ear

Basilar Membrane Movies:
 High Freq.    Medium Freq.    Low Freq.

Fletcher-Munson diagram
Fundamental Statements of Fourier Analysis
Calculation of Reverberation Time
Criteria for judging room acoustics
Computer Simulation of Concert Halls
Pipe Organ Diagram

Books on reserve in library:
Musical Acoustics, Hall  

Links to bios of Famous Scientists involved in Acoustics:

Jules Lissajous Robert Hooke Blaise Pascal Heinrich Hertz
Isaac Newton Christian Huygens Christian Doppler Marin Mersenne
Joseph Fourier Hermann von Helmholtz Robert Moog Alexander G. Bell
Georg Ohm Michael Faraday James Watt Paul Klipsch

Links to acoustic information and companies:

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