DVD Specifications

Physical Specifications:

Disc Diameter: 120mm (5 inches)
Disc Thickness: 1.2mm (0.6mm thick disc x 2)
Memory Capacity:  
Single-sided Discs:  
DVD-5 (single layer) 4.7 Gbytes
DVD-9 (double layer) 8.5 Gbytes
Double-sided Discs:  
DVD-10 (single layer) 9.4 Gbytes
DVD-18 (double layer) 17.0 Gbytes
Track Pitch: 0.74 micrometer
Wave Length of Laser Diode: 650/635 nanometer
Numerical Aperture (N/A): 0.6
Error Correction: Reed Solomon Product Code (RS-PC)
Signal Modulation: 8 - 16

Audio/Video Specifications:

Data Transfer Rate: Variable speed date transfer at an average rate of 4.69 megabits/ second for image and sound
Image Compression: MPEG-2 digital image compression
Audio: Dolby AC-3 (5.1 ch), LPCM for NTSC and MPEG Audio, LPCM for PAL/SECAM (A maximum of 8 audio channels and 32 subtitle channels can be stored)
Running Time (movies): 133 min./side
(At an average data rate of 4.69 megabits/ second for image and sound, including 3 audio channels and 4 sub-title channels)

Computer Applications:

File Management Structure: Micro UDF and/or ISO-9660