Fall 1996

Physics 115

Musical Acoustics

Course Syllabus

Music Search Engines:

Lycos Sound & Picture Search

Yahoo's Music Search Page

Gaetano Donizetti

(1797 - 1848)


Daughter of Regiment synopsis

Pictures of characters

Links to bios of Famous Scientists involved in Acoustics:

Jules Lissajous Robert Hooke Blaise Pascal Heinrich Hertz
Isaac Newton Christian Huygens Christian Doppler Marin Mersenne
Joseph Fourier Hermann von Helmholtz Robert Moog Alexander G. Bell
Georg Ohm Michael Faraday James Watt

Links to acoustic information and companies:

Synthesis Methods Kaman Music Yamaha NYC Opera Links
Martin Guitar Lissajous Demo San Francisco's Exploratorium Another Musical Acoustics Course
Auditory Perception Dolby Labs Sony Computer Simulation of Concert Halls
Room Acoustics Flute History Recorder Homepage