Believing that the liberal arts college has a contribution to make toward the education of engineers in a society faced with increasingly complex technological and humanistic problems, Davidson has cooperative dual degree engineering programs with Columbia University in New York and Washington University in St. Louis. The student attends Davidson for three or four years and, if accepted, attends the engineering school for the last two years. Students are guaranteed admission to these two affiliated engineering schools if they complete the science and math prerequisites and achieve the requisite GPA. The following links provide more specific information on the programs at Columbia University and Washington University:

Columbia University Undergraduate Engineering Combined Plan Program

Davidson-Columbia Combined Plan Curriculum Guide

Washington University Dual Degree Engineering Program

A student electing the 4/2 path in this program completes a normal Davidson degree program. The required science and math courses can be taken as electives or can be part of a Davidson major course of study. Students electing the 3/2 path attend Davidson for three years and attend the engineering school for the last two years. Davidson academic departments, in consultation with the engineering advisor, will count some engineering courses toward senior-year departmental course requirements. Upon successful completion of the prescribed courses in the dual degree program, the student receives bachelor’s degrees from both Davidson and the engineering school.

        To receive a Davidson degree under the cooperative dual degree plan a student must:

        1.     complete at Davidson all core requirements with at least a “C’’ average;

        2.     choose a Davidson major and complete a course of study for that major;

        3.     demonstrate the required proficiency in foreign language, composition, and physical education; and 

        4.     graduate from one of the cooperating schools in an approved engineering curriculum.         

Since many of the required preparatory courses for the 3/2 path must be taken in proper sequence, it is wise, and for some schools and/or curricula essential, for a prospective 3/2 student to begin the program during the first semester at Davidson. For further information and assistance, contact the faculty 3/2 engineering advisor, Dr. Tim Gfroerer in the Physics Department.


Many prospective engineers elect to finish the B. S. by completing four years at Davidson and then earn a M. S. in engineering by completing two years at an engineering school. This option gives them a broader liberal arts background and also makes available almost any engineering school, not just the two in the 3-2 Plan.  Admission to these programs is not guaranteed.

A student who plans this route should be guided in the selection of courses by the catalog of the engineering school in which the student is interested. Basically, the student should build on the curriculum suggested above and complete a strong major in chemistry, physics, or possibly in mathematics.

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