Initial Wavelength Scan

We initially scanned the Cesium atoms over as large a wavelength range as possible. In doing this, we were able to get a good over view of the behavior of the atom. Below, you can see a graph of Ionization Intensity vs. Wavelength. It is interesting to note, that the ionization peaks follow that of the Rydberg Series.

Each of the peaks on this graph corresponds to the respective S and D transitions seen here.

Ionization Current and Signal Power with ND Filters

We also investigated how ionization current and signal power differ with the use of ND filters.

As expected, ND filters decreased the power and ion current in the Cs heat pipe.

We also placed a .3 ND filter in the path of the beam in order to see its effects based upon laser output energy.


It is intersting to see that the ND filter behaves differently at different laser power levels. We would expect the .3 filter to have a percent transmission of 50 percent; however, our experimental data does not support this hypothesis.

Ionization Current vs. Cs Pressure

As the graph below shows, the ionization current increases as the pressure inside the heat pipe. Our graph shows a linear relationship between pressure and current; however, we expected a 2nd order quadratic relationship between the two variables.


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