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Here is my UPDATED Top 100 List.  For the most part the movies are in order.  There are a few listed at the bottom that I am trying to decide on.  I will also be adding links to all the movies and writing comments on all of them.  I took my original comments out because I realized that they were amateurish--I might try to do them again with a senior is college's brain rather than a tenth grader.

I intermittently write reviews for my school paper, The Davidsonian, and I have an independent study with Dr. Paul Miller this semester in Film.  I hope to direct a short film and write a long critical paper in preparation for graduate school in film, something that I am considering strongly.

Well, we're almost through with the worst summer (and worst year) in my memory.  There are two great movies that you should definitely try to see.  "Chuck and Buck" is the first.  It's definitely the best movie of the year.  "Nurse Betty" is the second.  It's a delightful movie, full of small, heart tugging moments, and surprising, heart pounding scenes of sudden violence and terror.  In it's own way, it's as original as "The Cell", another decent but slightly disappointing movie from the summer.  I plan on seeing "Almost Famous" Friday.  It looks to be fantastic, but then again, so did "What Lies Beneath".

Here are the movie links that I go to every day of the week (for real):

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