Well, this is really a page I want to put pictures of my family, so here it goes.  Click the smaller pictures to get an enlarged version.

Me mom and robert.jpg (17018 bytes) This is (from left to right) me, my mother, and my younger brother Robert.  These are the most important people in my life.
family.jpg (66843 bytes) This is a picture of my grandparents, "Woo" and "Bobby" as we call them, along with my cousins Ligon and William Creel.
jackson.jpg (56482 bytes) Here is my new baby nephew Jackson.  He's the son of my oldest half-sister Connelly (pictured below).
Me and Robert.jpg (51952 bytes) Here's me with my brother the night of his high school graduation.
Sisters.jpg (37810 bytes) This is a picture of Merritt and Connelly, my two wonderful half- sisters.  Mer lives in New York City and Con lives in Washington DC.