My Friends

This page started as a strictly Davidson page, but I have just decided to put everything together into one big page, instead of separating them.  If it grows to be too large, I'll just split the page into multiple pages.  Click the smaller pictures to get the enlarged versions.

Oh this picture brings back memories.  Is this not the perfect catalogue photo for Davidson?  From right to left: Robert Trottmann (Hoss), Justin Boner, Emmett Weindruch (my fellow Intermediate Physics Lab partner), Kiernan McGorty and Paul Gravel.  Times have DEFINATELY changed since this picture.  :-)

Here is a picture of one of those surreal moments in my life when my two worlds collide.  This is a picture of Maryann and Cameron (two friends from Davidson), alongside Lenny, my best friend from NCSSM.

Here I am before last year's campus-wide formal with Meghan Martiniere, my best friend here at Davidson.  She and I share a passion for movies.
Meagan Gleason, Chris Lewis, Meghan Martiniere, Monica Martinez, and my wonderful half-sister Merritt Stewart.  This is in front of Cafe Lalo, the coffee shop  featured in You've Got Mail.
Meagan Gleason with me in my sister Merritt's apartment.  She played basketball on Davidson's woman's team.  She graduated this year, but she is working is Charlotte, so I will still get to see her.
Here I am with my two best friends, Lenny and Caroline, at ncssm.  They are very important to me.  I wish I could see Caroline more often, as she is at MIT.  I see Lenny quite a bit, however.  He is at Wake Forest.
Nancy is my back massage partner for life.  She and I got really close senior year, and I love talking to her because she and I share so much.  She goes to NC State.  Click for a great photo layout.
Amy White is one of my great friends.  She goes to Duke University and went to Madrid last semester.  I think she is very glad to be home now, with her friends and family.
Bogarts.jpg (43110 bytes) Me, Doug, Christopher, Meghan and Justin G. at Bogart's right after a They Might Be Giants concert.
Campus Wide 1.jpg (48630 bytes) Here's a huge group of us after eating a Mickey and Mooch before the campus-wide formal sophomore year.
CBKMJB.jpg (41089 bytes) Here's Christopher, Kiernan and Justin B. doing God knows what.
Christopher and Me.jpg (41599 bytes) Christopher and I getting smashed (ha ha).
Mantis.jpg (84631 bytes) Christopher, Me, and Meghan in fromt of The Mantis, a great roller coaster in Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.
Horse Racing.jpg (34702 bytes) Christopher, Meghan, me, and Doug at the Keenland racetrack outside of Lexington, Kentucky.
Ireland.jpg (59472 bytes) Me, Kiernan and Christopher at a bar in Galway, Ireland.
Jungleland.jpg (39705 bytes) Kiernan and I at Jungleland, a cool little putt-putt place three miles from my house.
Me and Andy.jpg (51517 bytes) Andy and I exploring all of our interests (steins, Twigs, and of course, Nusrat Fateh-Ali Khan)
Me and Kiernan.jpg (41733 bytes) The best picture ever just because it looks so J-Crew.
Me and Meghan.jpg (22652 bytes) Meghan and I in Windsor, Canada before we went gambling.
Roomates.jpg (55377 bytes) All three of my roommates are in this picture.  You have to squint to see Mike Reott (he's in the back) and then there in the front are Justin Boner and Christopher Brantley.  We have a great apartment this year.
Skiing.jpg (57695 bytes) Me, Kiernan and Justin after a long skiing trip freshman year.  Brings back lots of memories.