Davidson College

    I am going to dedicate this page to my academic life here at Davidson College.  My major is Physics, and I am a music minor.  In addition, I have always been very interested in film (see my movies page) and this semester I am exploring that interest through an independent study with Dr. Paul Miller, and English teacher here at Davidson.

    This semester is pretty exciting, and also scary.  Being a senior, I'll be spending much of my time deciding what I want to do with my life.  While trying to figure that out, I'll spend the rest of my time on my classes: Quantum Physics, Music History: Late Antiquity to the Renaissance, Contemporary Art, and of course the independent study.

   To see the work that I have done for the physics department, you can go and look at some of my lab reports.  Being a physics major at Davidson is great because you get so much one-on-one time with professors.  There are only three majors in my class, making the faculty-student ratio two to one!  Beat that Harvard.  There will be more added to that this semester when I post up my work from the summer.  I had an internship with Dr. John Yukich here at Davidson studying negative ions.