10/28  1999: Mr. Jim Nolen, Davidson College, Dana Open House: Student Research at the Davidson College Physics Department

2/4  2000: Ms. Melissa Dancy, North Carolina State University, Using Physlets to Assess Conceptual Understanding

2/18   2000: Ms. Xueli Zou, Ohio State University, Can We Help More Students Learn Physics Better?

4/12 2000: Mr. Ken Krebs,  University of Georgia,  Laser Cooling of Solids

4/14 2000: Dr. Ann Silversmith,  Hamilton College, Spectroscopy of Upconversion Laser Materials

4/16 2000: Dr. Andrew Post-Zwicker,  Princeton Plasma Laboratory, Creating a Star on Earth The Promise, Allure, and Status of Fusion Energy

5/8  1999: Mr. Jim Nolen, Davidson College, Honors Seminar: Quenching of Green Up-Converted Fluorescence in Er3+- Doped sol-Gel Derived Silicate Glasses

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