10/14 1998: Dr. Ken Hardy, Florida International Univ., Dissociative Recombination   Reactions in a Glow Discharge

2/9  1999: Dr. Timothy H. Gfroerer, James Madison University, Shedding Light on Semiconductor Misfits

2/12  1999: Ms. Janice Hudgings, University of California at Berkeley, Mixing Light and Semi-conductors: A Bright Idea

2/15 1999: Dr. Jeff Olafsen, Georgetown University, Physics in Granular Media: Marbles, Galaxies and Thermodynamics

2/16 1999: Dr. Mario Belloni, Davidson College, SUSY Methods in Quantum Mechanics: How to Divide and Conquer Quantum Hamiltonians

2/19 1999: Dr. Scott N. Walck, Rochester Theory Center for Radiation, Near a Surface: Optical Science & Eng. & Continuing Surprises The Institute of Optics University of Rochester

2/22 1999: Dr. Steve Hagen, National Institutes of Health, How Fast Can a Protein Fold?

3/31 1999: Mr. Jack Brockway, Wake Forest University, How Many Photons Are There? Looking at Extensions To the Standard Model

4/13  1999: Dr. Richard Rhodes, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, The History of Nuclear Physics to the Bomb

4/14 1999: Dr. Elliot McGucken, Elon College, Towards an Artificial Retina, NC Chipset to Aid the Visually Impaired

4/19 1999: Dr. Phillip Dukes, Brigham Young University, Bayes' Theorem As an Occam's Razor

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