Note: Our usual seminar time is 4 pm with refreshments in the lobby of Dana starting at 3:45pm. 

Students are welcome to join us for lunch at the Commons with our seminar speaker. 


Fall 2013

09/5/2013   David Buckwald, Columbia University (4pm in the Physics Resource Ctr)

The Combined Plan Engineering Program at Columbia



Research in the Physics Department

09/24/2013   Dr. Tom Marshburn, NASA, Davidson College class of 1982
    Science in Zero Gravity - Common Hour talk in 900 Room - 11:00 AM
    Public Lecture - 7:30 PM, Duke Family Performance Hall
09/25/2013   Medicine, Physiology, Physics, Technology Development: ISS Research in 2013 - Dana 146
09/26/2013   Dr. Grant Thompson,  Georgia Regents University
    Understanding the Tori of Active Galactic Nuclei
10/17/2013   Dr. Ian Ferguson, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
    Wide Band Gap III-Nitride Compound Semiconductor Devices: The Universal Solution for Energy Applications

Chris Ramsay, Washington University


PLEASE EMAIL DR. G if you plan to attend. WE WILL MEET @ 11:15am in the Dana Lobby.


Lunchtime Conversation on Engineering at Washington University

11/14/2013   Dr. Aaron Titus, High Point University
    Undergraduate research in the first and second year
12/05/2013   Student Research Seminars

Spring 2014

01/31/2014 (at 3 PM)   Dr. Carlos Ortiz, University of Pennsylvania, Davidson College class of 2007
    Rigidity of Brownian Soft Matter
02/12/2014   Smith Lecture:  Dr. John Mather, NASA7:30 PM, location TBA

The History of the Universe from Beginning to End, and Observing with the James Webb Space Telescope

02/13/2014   Dr. John Mather, NASA



James Webb Space Telescope:  Science Opportunities and Mission Progress

03/14/2014 (at 3 PM)   Dr. Daniel Reichart, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

PROMPT and the Skynet Robotic Telescope Network: Science and Education

03/27/2014   Dr. Mario Belloni, Phyiscs Department, Davidson College
    Know Your Boundaries: How the Infinite Square Well Can Teach You More Than Just Introductory Quantum Mechanics
04/10/2014   Dr. Gretchen Phelps, University of Kentucky
    Performing High Precision Studies Using Magneto-Optical Effects
05/01/2014   Student Honors/Research Seminars



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