Note: Our usual seminar time is 4 pm with refreshments in the lobby of Dana starting at 3:45pm. 

Students are welcome to join us for lunch at the Commons with our seminar speaker. 


Spring 2005

1/27/2005 : Tommy Wheeler, Evernham Motorsports, How Physics and Engineering Are Used in a Race Shop, SPS trip to Evernham Motorsports

2/3/2005 : Ted Bunn, University of Richmond, Listening to the Big Bang

2/10/2005   Garrett Love, SHODOR Foundation, Modeling, Education and Dirty Water

2/14/2005:   Amy Smith Keesee ('00), West Virginia University, Easy Rocket Engine: Just Add Ions

3/17/2005 : David Eberly, An Overview of Game Physics

4/7/2005 : John Yukich, Davidson College, Probing Electron Correlations with Autoionization

TBA:   Megan McDonald, Davidson College, TOPIC: Optical tweezers


Fall 2004

9/2/2004 :   Mary Fulton ('06), Laura Gilbert ('06), Colleen Gilespie ('06), and Austin Reid ('07)  What I did on my Summer Vacation

9/16/2004 :   Jonathan Baker ('06), Megan McDonald ('05), Kiril Simov ('05), and James Wells ('07)  What I did on my Summer Vacation

9/23/2004 : Nathaniel Greene , Bloomsburg University, Cosmic Rays -- Starry Messengers

10/21/2004 : William C. Johnson, University of Virginia, Self-organization of Quantum Dot Nanostructures in Thin-film Semiconductors

11/18/2004 : Nancy L. Thompson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dynamics Near Membrane Surfaces: Measurement by Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy


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