Note: Our usual seminar time is 4 pm with refreshments in the lobby of Dana starting at 3:45pm. 

Students are welcome to join us for lunch at the Commons with our seminar speaker. 


Fall 2003

9/4/2003:  Colleen Gilespie ('06), Anders Langworthy ('04), Rachel Patton McCord ('04), and Kiril Simov ('05)  What I did on my Summer Vacation

9/26/2003 (Music Department Seminar @ 3pm): Dr. Dan Boye, Davidson College, The Science of Singing

10/2/2003: Dr. Laurie McNeil,  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Painting the Town Red: Light Scattering in Concentrated Particulate

11/13/2003: Dr. Anne J. Cox, Eckerd College, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Atomic Clusters

12/4/2003: Dr. Kevin Giovanetti, James Madison University, Does It Get Any Better Than This? Confronting Fundamental Physics with Precision Measurements

Spring 2004

1/22/2004 (@7 pm in the Rare Books Room of the Library): Dr. Tom Ratchford, International Science Policy

2/19/2004: Dr. Stacy Vargas, Virginia Military Institute, Laser Spectroscopy of Solid State Materials

3/16/2004 (Tuesday): Dr. James Dunn, Physics Department, Hampden-Sydney College, Supernova Cosmology and the Dark Energy

3/18/2004: Dr. Jo Bellanca, Physics Department, Davidson College, Quantum Mechanical Wizardry: The Uncanny Effects of Dark States

3/22/2004 (Monday): Dr. Misganaw Getaneh, Physics Department, North Carolina A&T State University, A Microchannel Plate System for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Measurements

4/2/2004 (Friday): Dr. Chuck Stone, Physics Department, North Carolina A&T State University, Using Videopoint to Analyze Bicycle Gear Ratios

4/27/2004 (Tuesday): Colleen Gillespie, Physics Department, Davidson College, Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of InGaAs/InP heterostructures

4/29/2004 (2:45 Thursday): Mr. Steve Peterson , Physics Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Image-based Dosimetry for Implanted Radioactive Stents using IVUS

4/29/2004 (Thursday): Rachel McCord, Physics Department, Davidson College, Optical Tweezers and Chlamydomonas: Measuring the Swimming Force of a Single-Celled Organism with an Optical Trap

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