Note: Our usual seminar time is 4 pm with refreshments in the lobby of Dana starting at 3:45pm. 


Fall 2002

9/5/2002:  Adam Abele ('03), Kevin Bell ('05), Anders Langworthy ('04), Chris Schamper ('05), and Andrew Schoewe ('03)  What I did on my Summer Vacation: Part One

9/12/2002:  Peter Campbell ('03), Casey Chiang ('03), Rachel Patton McCord ('04), Sharon Meidt ('03), and Kiril Simov ('05)   What I did on my Summer Vacation: Part Two

9/26/2002: Dr. Jackie Krim,  North Carolina State University, On the Atomic Scale Origins of Static and Kinetic Friction

10/17/2002: Dr. Wolfgang Christian, Davidson College, Open-Source Physics

10/24/2002: Dr. Dan Gauthier, Duke University, "Fast" and "Slow" Light

10/31/2002: Dr. Edwin TaylorMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Rescuing Quantum Mechanics from Atomic Physics

12/5/2002: Dr. Dan Boye, Davidson College, Self-Assembly of Nanowires and Nanocrystals

Spring 2003

1/23/2003: Kris Helmerson, NIST Topic: Optical Tweezers (Joint Biology and Physics Seminar)

2/13/2003: Dr. Tom DevoreJames Madison University, Chemical Physics

3/13/2003: Dr. Eric Cornell (2001 Nobel Prize in Physics), JILA / University of Colorado, Rotating the Irrotatable: Quantum tornados in a supergas

4/1/2003 (really!): Dr. Alice Churukian, Physics Department, The College of Wooster, Two Elements of Physics Education Research (PER): Evaluation and Development

4/14/2003 (Monday): Dr. Jo Bellanca, Physics Department, University of California, San Diego, Quantum Mechanical Wizardry: the Uncanny Effects of Dark States

5/1/2003: Adam Abele, Sharon Meidt, and Patten Priestley, Physics Department, Davidson College, Reports on Spring 2003 Independent Study and Independent Research in Physics

Previous Seminars during 2002-2003

Summer 2002

7/11/2002:   Summer Research in Physics at Davidson College

                      Peter Campbell,  Patten Priestley, and Kiril Simov  (Dr. Tim Gfroerer), Defect States in Lattice-mismatched Semiconductors

                      Kevin Bell and Andrew Schoewe (Dr. Mario Belloni),  PT-Symmetric Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics

                      Adam Abele (Dr. Wolfgang Christian), Open-Source Physics Applets in 3-d

                       Anders Langworthy (Dr. John Yukich), Photodetachment of Negative Ions

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