Note: Our usual seminar time is 4 pm with refreshments in the lobby of Dana starting at 3:45pm. 

Students are welcome to join us for lunch at the Commons with our seminar speaker. 


Summer 2000

7/11/2000:   Summer Research in Physics at Davidson College

                    Tim Valdes (Dr. Mario Belloni),  Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics

                    Emmett Weindruch and Laura Cupples (Dr. Tim Gfroerer), Characterizing Novel Materials for Solar Cells

                    Phillip Stewart (Dr. John Yukich), Experimental Physics of Negative Ions


Fall 2000

9/14/2000 @ 6:30pm:   Laura Cupples ('02), Phillip Stewart('01), Tim Valdes('01), and Emmett Weindruch('01),    What I did on my Summer Vacation

10/12/2000: Dr. Chris Hughes ('88), James Madison University, Self-Assembling Systems as a New Way of Making Materials

11/8/2000@ 5:30pm: Dr. Clifford Will, Washington University, The Search for Gravitational Waves  

Note: Dr Will  is also giving the Smith Lecture on the evening of November 9. His lecture, Was Einstein Right?, is a popular lecture among general audiences and begins at 7:30 in the 900 Room of the Union.


Spring 2001

2/1/2001: Ms. Kristy Dyer, North Carolina State University, The Impact of Supernova Remnants on Your Galaxy  
                      Note: we will be going to lunch with our speaker on Friday, 2/2.

2/22/2001(postponed until April due to bad weather): Dr. David SukowWashington and Lee University, Diode Laser Dynamics: Chaos, Randomness, and Complexity

2/28/2001: Dr. Jan Kuijpers, University of Utrecht and University of Nijmegen, Radio Pulsars

3/14/2001: Dr. Anne-Marie Jeffery, NIST, Underpinning the electrical standards -- the National Farad and the National Ohm

3/29/2001: Dr. George Bissinger, Eastern Carolina University, Bash It with a Hammer, Zap it With a Laser:  Violins Enter the Era of Modal Analysis

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