5th Annual Spring Meeting

North Carolina Section

American Association of Physics Teachers

March 17-18, 2000

Davidson College

Davidson NC 28036






Please fill in the form enclosed with this mailing for early registration.  It is always helpful to know for planning purposes how many will be in attendance.  Even if you do not register early, please send a note to Larry Cain (lacain@davidson.edu) to let him know you are planning to attend.  The registration fee includes an excellent lunch at our campus dining facility, the Commons.  The menu includes hot entrees, sandwich bar, pizza bar, salad bar, drinks and desserts and is all you can eat.  You will be given a ticket for lunch at the registration desk to facilitate your flow through the line.  This is a spacious facility that will provide a needed period of refreshment and discussion on Saturday. 


Thanks to a special grant from Davidson College’s Dean of the Faculty, registration for all high school teachers at this meeting will be $10.  This fee includes registration, lunch on Saturday and the Friday evening make and take session.


 For a printable form, click here: form


5th Annual Spring Meeting of the NCSAAPT
Davidson College
Davidson NC 28036
March 17-18, 2000


Name (Please print clearly)       ___________________________________________

Preferred Name for name tag    ___________________________________________

Preferred Mailing Address        ___________________________________________




Institution                                  ___________________________________________

Work Phone                             (      )_____________________

FAX                                        (      )_____________________

Home Phone                            (      )_____________________

E-mail                                      _________________________


Registration:                  Member (includes lunch)                       $16.00             ________

Non-Member (includes lunch)               $23.00             ________

High School teacher (includes lunch

 and make and take session)     $10.00             ________


            Friday: PTRA make and take    (included)         ________


Physlets                        $  5.00             ________

             Nuclear Science           $  2.00             ________

             Physics in Music          $  3.00             ________

Dues ($5.00 per year)                                                  ________

Total                                                                            ________

Please make checks out to "NCS-AAPT"


Send this form and your check to Larry Cain, NCS-AAPT, Department of Physics, Davidson College, P.O. Box 1719, Davidson, NC 28036



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