Phy 130: JITT Problem 5

JiTT for Friday October 16.  Answer the following questions by 8:30 AM.   Include at least one sentence (English please!) explaining how you arrived at your answer.  Longer answers are permissible. 

Question 1:

Compute the exhaust velocity for the C02 rocket sled.

Question 2:

In section 9.7 Serway and Jewett state: "The work-energy theorem is not valid for this event and is often not valid for systems that are deformable."  Isn't the work-energy theorem always valid?  What are the authors trying to say?


Below is a space for your thoughts, including general comments. What was hard or confusing (or cool) about today's assignment or class? What would you like to spend extra time on in class? Do you see how this subject fits in with the others we have discussed?