Phy 130: JITT Problem 3

JiTT for Wednesday September 16.  Answer the following questions by 8:30 AM.   Include at least one sentence (English please!) explaining how you arrived at your answer.  Longer answers are permissible. 

Question 1:

You are riding an elevator and the cable breaks.  Why do you feel weightless?  Relate your answers to Newton's second law.

Question 2:

On Monday we discussed friction.  In the animation below you are asked to determine the force of friction and whether it is static or kinetic.  The mass of the block in each case is 1 kgPosition is given in meters and time is given in seconds.

Animation 1 Animation 2 Animation 3 Animation 4 Animation 5 Animation 6
  1. What is the force of friction in each of the animations?  Magnitude and direction please.
  2. Is it static or kinetic friction in each animation?

Please wait for the animation to completely load."


Below is a space for your thoughts, including general comments. What was hard or confusing (or cool) about today's assignment or class? What would you like to spend extra time on in class? Do you see how this subject fits in with the others we have discussed?