Phy 130: JITT Problem 2

JiTT for Wednesday September 2.  Answer the following questions by 8:30 AM.   Include at least one sentence (English please!) explaining how you arrived at your answer.  Longer answers are permissible. 

Question 1:

A man drops a baseball from the edge of a roof of a building. At exactly the same time another man shoots a baseball vertically up towards the man on the roof in such a way that the ball just barely reaches the roof. Does the ball from the roof reach the ground before the ball from the ground reaches the roof, or is it the other way around?

Question 2:

Estimate your acceleration when landing on the floor after jumping off of a three-foot  tall ladder.

Question 3:


  vx =  cm/s        ax = cm/s2

Please wait for the animation to completely load.

Shown is a red golf ball that you are to putt into the green hole (position is given in centimeters and time is given in seconds).  Two time-dependent obstacles are in your way.  Find the initial velocity and the acceleration that will score a hole-in-one.  Explain how you found this velocity and acceleration.  Restart.



Below is a space for your thoughts, including general comments. What was hard or confusing (or cool) about today's assignment or class? What would you like to spend extra time on in class? Do you see how this subject fits in with the others we have discussed?