Phy 130

Week 2: Vectors and Motion in 2D

John Stapp on rocket sled.  (acceleration=~35 g)


No lab this week.

I will be away from campus Thursday Sept 3 giving the Forman lecture at Vanderbilt University.

Davidson students will present short (15 min) talks on their summer research projects this Thursday at 4:00 in Dana 146.  (Refreshments at 3:45 in the lobby.)    Feel free to drop in to learn what type of research our students do during the summer.


Serway and Jewett:

Physlet Physics

In-Class Demonstrations


JiTT 2 

JiTT 2 results


Due Monday Aug 31 at 10:30.

Due Friday Sept 4 at 10:30.

Due Monday Sept 7 at 10:30.