Phy 130

Week 14: Pressure, Temperature, and Kinetic Theory


The 2009 Physics 130 exam will be a comprehensive take-home exam.  The exam will be handed out in exam envelopes on Friday December 4 at the end of class.  You have six days in which to take this exam. The exam must  be taken in the Library, must be completed in a single contiguous four hour time period after the envelope has been opened and must be turned in to me immediately upon completion no later than noon Thursday December 10.

You may prepare a single 3x5 inch index card with formulas and physics concepts and you may consult this index card while taking the exam.

Last class day is Monday December 7.   I will answer course-related questions, return your graded laboratory notebooks, and hand out HW grades.  We will also do the course evaluation.


Serway and Jewett:

Physlet Physics:



Due Friday December 4 at 10:30

Because we are out of time, we will cover specific heat and latent heat in this week's laboratory.  Lecture will focus on the connections between the ideal gas law PV=NkT and Newtonian mechanics.