Pre-class Exercise #9: sinusoidally driven damped harmonic motion


U-choose the b and initial v:

U-drive: choose the F and w:

 b =  Note: keep b positive  F0 =  Note: keep |F|<6
 v0 =  Note: keep |v|<12

 w =  Note: keep w<5

Check this box to see velocity, too

(Once the box is selected/deselected you must reinitialize your choice.)

1. What is the natural frequency of this oscillator? (note that w is the angular frequency 2pf)  When driving near resonance, what is the phase difference between the drive and the motion?

2. Observe how the phase difference changes when driving off resonance.  Can you explain why the resonant phase difference yields the largest oscillator response?


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This Physlet was written by Tim Gfroerer and scripted by Mario Belloni.