Problem Set 9: Physlet 5


The bar graph displays the electric flux (in Nm2/C) passing through a cubical flux detector and a spherical flux detector.  Observe the flux reading.  Calculate the electric field at the surface of each detector using Gauss's law.  The detectors are fixed in place.


  Start Detector 1   Start Detector 2


If there is a symmetry you can use Gauss's law.


  1. 10 N/C.  
  2. Cannot determine with detector 1 and 1.7 N/C for detector 2.
  3. 3.6 N/C.
  4. Cannot determine with detector 1 and 0.90 N/C for detector 2.
  5. The electric field cannot be determined.  No symmetry.

Physlet problem authored by Mario Belloni