PHYSICS 330: classical mechanics, fall 2003

Tim Gfroerer, Davidson College


Announcements and Class Simulations


*NOTE: Attendance at all physics seminars is required.


Date Posted Announcement or Simulation

 Galileo quotes: natural motion and gravitational acceleration

 8/27  Definition of mass physlet
 8/29  Challenge Course cooperation building event: 6 - 7:30 pm on Monday, 9/1.  Please meet on Concord Road adjacent to our classroom in Dana.
 9/2  Physics seminar on Thursday, 9/4 at 3:45: 4 Davidson students describe "What I did on my summer vacation"
 9/3  Vertical fall with quadratic resistance math notebook.
 9/19  NO CLASS on Monday, 9/29.
 9/19  Download Review #1 from last year.  Get the solutions here.
 9/24  Physlets: 2D Simple Harmonic Oscillator and Fast 2D SHO
 9/26  Phase space diagrams using Excel
10/1  Physics seminar on Thursday, 10/2 at 3:45: Painting the Town Red: Light Scattering in Concentrated Particulate Dispersions, by Laurie McNeil (UNC Chapel Hill)
 10/10  Fourier series and Damped oscillator with square drive Physlets.
 10/15  Chaos Applets: Butterfly Effect Poincare Maps.
 10/22  Download Review #2 from last year.  Get the solutions here.
 10/27  Fermat's Principle applet.
 11/12  Physics seminar on Thursday, 11/13 at 3:45: Electronic and magnetic properties of atomic clusters, by Anne Cox (Eckerd College).
 11/14  Particle constrained to a spherical surface: Newtonian and Lagrangian approaches.
 11/17  Download Review #3 from last year.  Get the solutions here.
 11/21  Emmy Noether website on symmetry and conservation laws in physics.
 11/21  NO CLASS on Monday, 11/24.  Review #3 is due at noon on Tuesday, 11/25.
 12/3  Physics seminar on Thursday, 12/4 at 3:45: Probing the Standard Model at "Modest" Energies, by Kevin Giovanetti (James Madison University).
12/5  math notebook for "bar of soap in a bowl" effective potential.
12/8  Optical reflection from a mirror (Feynman style).