By Cheryl Greene and Gray Patterson

Physics 350


         With the use of a Helium-Neon laser and a converging lens, an object is able to project it's image onto a screen.  When this occurs there are many interesting events that take place.  The primary focus of this experiment is to examine the Fraunhofer diffraction patterns for various objects and observe the result when parts of the diffraction pattern are removed.  The systems observed are the Single Slit, Double Slit, Pinhole, and Grating.  Each system has been mathematically modeled and reproduced in the laboratory. 



Gain a better understanding of Diffraction and Optics.

bulletSet the ground work for Frequency Filtering and Holograms.

Single Slit 1    Single Slit 2

Double Slit 1    Double Slit 2

Grating 1    Grating 2

Pinhole 1    Pinhole 2