WarmUp Exercise #XX, XX/XX  (Assignment Due XX/XX)

Please answer the  following 2 questions regarding the Physlet:

  Choose  a Level:  
Show Potential B and Psi B Graphs

Shown above, Potential A,  is the gravitational potential of a ball above a table.  Below is a similar looking potential called Potential B.  You may choose an n from 1 to 10 then click the Wave Function for Potential B link to see that state.   Two questions further test the understanding of the relationship between the wave function and the potential. 

1. Do the wave functions for Potential B look like wave functions you have seen before?  If so, for what potential?

2. What do you think the wave functions for Potential A look like?  Be as explicit and as complete as possible.

Answer in the form below, a short answer for each is fine. 
This report is due by 8:00 am XXXXday morning.

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