Venus Transit 2012: Photos from the 2012 Transit of Venus

Davidson College Astrophotography Project

roll over to see supernova

M51 taken by PHY 105 in April 2011. Mouse over for M51 in June 2011 showing a supernova.

These pages represent images from the Davidson College Astrophotography Project led by Dr. Mario Belloni of the Davidson College Physics Department.  All photos were taken in Davidson, NC either on campus or at the Pine Road Observatory.  The astrophotographs in the the Astronomy Courses section were taken by students in an introductory astronomy class.  The astrophotographs in the the Personal section were taken by Mario Belloni.  The goal of the Project is to explore the universe beyond what we can see with our naked eyes by using telescopes and cameras.

If you are interested in taking astrophotography images yourself, there are several great resources online. The site, A Beginners Guide to Astrophotography, comes highly recommended from Beth and Katie of Ms. Martin's class. In addition, there are two papers that appeared in The Physics Teacher: Astrophotography on the Cheap and Teaching Astronomy Using Tracker that describe using photography and video in astronomy.

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Photos best seen when your monitor is adjusted so that you can see all black-gray-white levels above.