Time and Frequency

The MusTech visualization allows the user to look at the frequency spectrum and the time development of a recorded sound file.  There are 3 options that can be chosen under the Now Playing menu and submenus: 22khz full scale (22kHz Spectrum), 12.5kHz full scale (Spectrum Mag 2), and a graph of amplitude versus time (Oscilloscope).  The user can make measurements by right-clicking within the windows.  The coordinates of the tip of the cursor position appear in the lower left of the window.  These exercises will help familiarize the user with features of the visualization.

The following files play sine waves of equal amplitudes. 

Wave 1
Wave 2
Wave 3
  1. Measure the frequency of each wave using one of the frequency graphs.
  2. What is the time difference between the vertical bars on the time graph? (usec = microseconds)
  3. Measure the period of each of the waves.
  4. From your answers to Question #3, calculate the frequency of each wave and compare your results with your measurements in Question #1.