Musical Technology In Town Opportunities

All Performances are at 7:30 pm unless otherwise noted.  Some dates and times change.  Check before you go.

March 11 Celebration of Chopin, piano Tyler-Tallman
March 14 Liederabend, voices Tyler-Tallman
March 16 Organ Concert, Timothy Belk DCPC
March 18 DC Jazz Ensemble 900 Room, 10pm
March 20 Evening of American Song, Diane Thornton Tyler-Tallman
March 21 Piano Studio Recital Tyler-Tallman
April 1 April Fool's Concert ($5) Tyler-Tallman
April 10 Piano Studio Recital II Tyler-Tallman, 4:00
April 11 Senior Recital: Ryan Cockman, violin Tyler-Tallman, 2:00
April 13 Senior Recital: Rieti Gengo, tenor Tyler-Tallman
April 15 Davidson College Symphony Orchestra Duke Family Performance Hall
April 19 Multi-Studio Recital: flute, trumpet, clarinet, sax, brass Tyler-Tallman
April 20 Organ Recital DCPC
April 20 Senior Recital: Jenny Estill, soprano Tyler-Tallman
April 21 DC Chorale DCPC
April 23 Musical Interludes: Student Musicians Tyler-Tallman (12:30pm)
April 26 "For Those We Love," DC Concert Choir Duke Family Performance Hall
April 27 Senior Recital: Danny Langley, piano Tyler-Tallman
April 29 Akon Belk Arena (8:00pm)

Area Concert Opportunities

Performance times vary.  Check dates and times before you go.

March 15 & 16 African Children's Choir KT
March 18 Carmen PAC
March 20 Sutton Foster, soprano SS
March 26 David Wilcox, folk guitar and voice SS
March 26 & 27 CSO, Russian Music PAC
April 5 Tao, Japanese martial drummers KT
April 22 & 24 CSO, Beethoven's 9th Symphony PAC


CSO Charlotte Symphony 704-972-2000 or
PAC Blumenthal Performing Arts Center 704-372-1000 or
SS Spirit Square, McGlohon Theater 704-372-1000 or
KT Knight Theater 704-372-1000 or