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3D volumetric X-ray imaging
Phy 115 Musical Technology, Fall 2011
Phy 350 Electricity & Magnetism, Spring 2012
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Research Publications, Presentations and Awards

2010 R&D 100 Award, "Multifunctional Optical Coatings by Rapid Self-Assembly" . Group picture at award ceremony.

"X-ray class: Liberal arts students apply volumetric X-ray imaging," Dan Boye and Harold Berger, Materials Evaluation 72, 1086 (2014).

“Monodisperse Fluorescent Organic/Inorganic Composite Nanoparticles: Tuning Full Color Spectrum,” Zaicheng Sun, Feng Bai, Huimeng Wu, Daniel M. Boye and Hongyou Fan, Chemistry of Materials, 24(17) 3415-3419 (2012).

"A facile and general approach to polynary semiconductor nanocrystals via a modified two-phase method," Xiuying Wang, Zaicheng Sun, Cong Shao, Daniel M. Boye and Jialong Zhao, Nanotechnology 22, 245605 (2011).

"Mechanisms of fluorescence enhancement in rare earth sol-gel glass containing Al3+,"A.J. Silversmith; A.P. Beyler, KE Arpino, D.M. Boye, K.R. Hoffman, J. Lumin. 131, 457-460 (2011).

"Post Annealing Immersion: a new technique for studying rare earth ions in porous materials," K.E. Arpino, A.J. Silversmith, D.M. Boye, K.R. Hoffman, J. Lumin. 131, 453-456 (2011).

"Fluorescence enhancement in rare earth doped sol-gel glass by N,Ndimethylformamide as a drying control chemical additive," A.P. Beyler, D.M. Boye, K.R. Hoffman, A.J. Silversmith, Physics Procedia 13, 4-8 (2011).

"Nanostructured Gold Architectures Formed  through High Pressure-Driven Sintering of Spherical Nanoparticle Arrays," Wu, Huimeng; Bai, Feng; Sun, Zaicheng; Haddad, Raid; Boye, Daniel; Wang, Zhongwu; Huang, Jianyu; Fan, Hongyou, JACS 132, 12826–12828 (2010).

"Pressure-Driven Assembly of Spherical Nanoparticles and Formation of 1D Nanostructure Arrays," Huimeng Wu, Feng Bai, Zaicheng Sun, Raid E. Haddad, Daniel M. Boye, Zhongwu Wang, and Hongyou Fan. Angewandte Chemie 49, 8431-8434 (2010).

"Structurally Characterized Luminescent Lanthanide Zinc Carboxylate Precursors for Ln-Zn-O Nanomaterials," Timothy J. Boyle, Rebecca Raymond, Daniel M. Boye, Ping Lu. Dalton Transactions, 39, 8050-8063 (2010) .

“Hydrogen-bonding-assisted self-assembly: Monodisperse hollow nanoparticles made easy,” Zaicheng Sun, Feng Bai, Huimeng Wu, Samantha K. Schmitt, Daniel M. Boye and Hongyou Fan, JACS 131, 13594–13595 (2009).

“Cooperative self-assembly assisted formation of monodisperse optically active spherical and anistropic nanoparticles,” Z. Sun, F. Bai, H. Wu, S. Schmitt, D. Boye, H. Fan. Chemistry-A European Journal 15, 11128-11133 (2009).

"Fluorescence Yield in Rare Earth Doped Sol-gel Silicate Glasses," A.J. Silversmith, Nguyen T.T. Nguyen, D.L. Campbell, D.M. Boye, C.P. Ortiz and K.R. Hoffman, J. Lumin. 129, 1501 (2009).

2008 Federal Laboratory Consortium Mid-continent Region Notable Technology Development Award, "Self-Assembling Process for Fabricating Tailored Thin Film"

"Rare-earth ion distribution in sol-gel silicate glasses," D.M. Boye, C.P. Ortiz, A.J. Silversmith, N.T.T.Nguyen, K.R. Hoffman, J. Lumin. 128, 888 (2008).

"Rare-earth ion distribution in sol-gel glasses co-doped with Al3+," A.J. Silversmith, N.T.T.Nguyen, B.W. Sullivan, D.M. Boye, C. Ortiz, K.R. Hoffman, J. Lumin. 128, 931 (2008).

"Pulsed up-conversion of Tm3+ doped sol-gel silicate glasses," C.P. Ortiz, D.M. Boye, J. Lumin. 128, 894 (2008) .
"Effects of Gadolinium co-doping on terbium emission in sol-gel glasses," K.R. Hoffman, J.P. Hutchinson, K.S. Young, A.J. Silversmith, D.M. Boye, C.P. Ortiz, DPC 2007, Segovia , Spain, June, 2007.

"Effects of rehydration on Tb3+ spectroscopy in sol-gel glasses," D.M. Boye, A.J. Silversmith, Thao Nguyen Nguyen, and K.R. Hoffman, J. Non-crystalline Solids, 353, 2350 (2007).

"Pressure dependence of the impurity-trapped exciton emission in BaF2 :Eu and BaxSr1−xF2:Eu," D.B. Gatch, D.M. Boye, Y.R. Shen, M. Grinberg, W. M. Yen, and R. S. Meltzer, Phys. Rev. B74, 195117 (2006).

"Effective local concentration of terbium ions in sol-gel silicate glass," C.P Ortiz and D.M. Boye, Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society Meeting, Williamsburg, November, 2006.

"Pulsed upconversion of Tm3+ doped sol-gel silicate glasses," C.P. Ortiz and D.M. Boye, Optics in the Southeast, Charlotte, September, 2006.

"5D37FJ emission in terbium-doped sol-gel glasses," A.J. Silversmith, D.M. Boye, K.S. Brewer, C.E. Gillespie, Y. Lu and D.L. Campbell, J. Lumin 121, 14 (2006).

"Enhanced fluorescence in rare earth doped sol-gel glasses containing Al3+," Gregory Armstrong, Ann Silversmith, Daniel Boye, American Physical Society, Baltimore, March, 2006.

“Field studies in architectural acoustics using Tablet PC’s,” Acoustical Society of America meeting, Vancouver, BC, May, 2005.

"Self-Assembly of Ordered, Robust, Three-Dimensional Gold Nanocrystal/Silica Arrays," H. Fan, K. Yang, D.M. Boye, T. Sigmon, K.J. Malloy, H. Xu, G.P. Lopez, C.J. Brinker, Science 304, 567 (2004). 

“Fluorescence enhancement by chelation of Eu3+ and Tb3+ ions in sol gels,” A. P. Magyar, A. J. Silversmith, K.S. Brewer, and D.M. Boye, J. Lumin. 108, 49 (2004).

"Transient and persistent spectral hole burning in Eu3+-doped sol-gel produced SiO2 glass,” D. M. Boye, T. S. Valdes, J. H. Nolen, A. J. Silversmith, K.S. Brewer, R. E. Anderman and R. S. Meltzer, J. Lumin. 108, 43 (2004).  

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