This page was created as a study in friction by the Spring 1998 Advanced Mechanics class at Davidson College in Davidson, NC taught by Dr. Dan Boye of the Physics Department.. Tribology, the study of friction, is still in its infancy as a science. Everything that occurs on a macro and even a molecular scale has friction as a significant element of its interactions with other bodies and elements. Contact motion would not be possible without friction, nor would the fastening devices that we are so dependent on have any function whatsoever. Yet, it is friction that puts wear and tear on our automobiles, costs money in energy loss, and stresses in material in motion along another material. The purpose of this page is to examine friction using physics as a tool for understanding this very common phenomenon.


This page was created by:

Ryan Conatser, Senior Physics Major, Davidson College

Ben Kinnaman, Senior Physics Major, Davidson College

Mike Lassiter, Senior Physics Major, Davidson College