Dr. Dan Boye Spring 1999
Office: Dana 112A Phone: 892-2394  daboye@davidson.edu

Advanced Mechanics

Text: Introduction to Classical Mechanics by Atam Arya, 2nd. ed.
Lecture: MWF 12:30-1:20, Dana 109
Office Hours: MWF 8:30-11:20, by appointment, nearly any other time. If my office door is unlocked and I'm not there, check in Rooms 105, the Laser Lab, or in the Physics Office.

Course Objectives: 
This course is a continuation of Intermediate Mechanics (PY330) and will cover the dynamics of rigid bodies, friction, noninertial reference frames, integral transforms, Hamiltonian dynamics, continuum mechanics, and relativity.

Course Requirements:
Attendance: Attendance at class follows the College's 25% rule. You are strongly encouraged to attend all lectures since helpful, time-saving hints not to be found in the text will be presented. Each student is responsible for the material discussed in class and the announcements made in class. Absence from class does not relieve one from this responsibility. Attendance at all reviews is mandatory.

Homework:  The homework problems will come from the text and supplementary sources.  Some of the assigned problems will be solely the work of an individual student and will be honor pledged. The rest of the assigned problems may be worked with the help of other students.

Grades: There will be two reviews. Grades will be comprised of the following contributions:


Topic Chapter and Section
Changing Mass: Rain drops, rockets and conveyor belts 8.6
 Rigid Body Motion 9, 13.1-5
Noninertial Reference Frames 11
Fourier and Laplace Transforms Supplementary Material
Hamiltonian Formalism 12.7-9
Coupled Oscillations 14.1-3
Wave Mechanics 15.1-3,6,7
Fluids 15.8-10
Relativity 16