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Concentration in Computer Science

The Departments of Mathematics and Physics jointly sponsor a concentration in computer science. The Computer Science Concentration provides a solid foundation for further study in the subject of computer science.


Six courses, distributed as follows:

(1) Either

(2) MAT 221, Discrete Methods.

(3) CSC 223, Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming.

(4) Two courses chosen from

(5) One elective course selected from

No more than two courses from those courses which constitute a student's major may be applied toward the Computer Science Concentration. A grade of "C" or higher is required in all courses applied toward the concentration.

The Scientific Computing Center in the Dana Science Building provides a high-powered computing environment for students in advanced computer science courses. Students wishing to balance their academic experience in the computer science concentration with more practical experience in computing are encouraged to investigate an outside internship, for example, with Davidson's Information Technology Services.

Application Procedures:

The Computer Science Concentration is administered by the Computer Science Advisory Committee. The faculty liaison is TBA. (Contact the chair of the Mathematics department or the chair of the Physics Department.) A student must submit written application to the Computer Science Advisory Committee by the last class day of the fall semester of the junior year. Since some courses in the concentration have several prerequisites and some courses are offered in alternate years, early planning is advised. Approval of the application is made by the Registrar upon the recommendation of the Computer Science Advisory Committee.

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