Davidson's chapter of the Society of Physics Students has been recognized as one of the outstanding chapters in the United States, and its chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma (Σ Π Σ), the national physics honorary society, is the oldest (and hence was the first) in the United States, having been chartered in 1921.                                               


Our alumni and alumnae have pursued a wide variety of interests and careers upon graduating from Davidson.  You can find out about what our graduates do in the two years following graduation as well as the long-term careers our graduates pursue.

In order to provide a departmental history, we intend to archive the home pages of our physics majors. Graduates with internet access are encouraged to send us links to their current home pages and/or e-mail addresses so that we can keep in touch.

*denotes winner of the Physics Department Award

Class of 2015

       Marc Begley

       Sam Castle

       Kyle Dorman

       Sarah Friedensen *

       Collin Malone

       Molly Marshall

       Tyler Murray

       Lucas Mykulak

       Aidan Rogowski

       Peter Rossi

       Kari Sickles

       Jackson Spell

       Jakob Simmonds

       Grace Watt

       Keyuan Zhou


Class of 2014

    Jessie Barrick*

    John de Saint Phalle

    Ashley Finger

    Ben Gauthier

    Dreu Glasmann

    Max Henry

    Steven Keller

    Henry Martin

    Edward McDonald

    Salah Mohammed

    Kelly Myers

    Lenny Shenje

    Chris Trennepohl

    Phillip Wall

Class of 2013

    Chris Cirenza

    Matthew Dix

    Taylor Hogan

    Robbie Mitchell

    Drew Onken*

Class of 2012

    Kyung Taek Lim

    Leah Ruckle*

    Chip Sanders

    Anna Smith

    Evan Welchman

Class of 2011

    Mark Crowley

    Ryan Crum

    Dan Hampton*

    Melissa Guzman

    Lindsey Martin

Class of 2010

       Oluseyi Ayorinde

       Steve Blomberg

       Kelsey Chisholm

       Lauren Felkel

       David Leslie

       Carey Read

      Caroline Vaughan *

Class of 2009

   Catherine Clodfelter

   Anne Joiner

   Abby McKenna

   Bobby Mohr*

   Andy Muhich

Class of 2008

   Mark Cebul

   Audrey Cundari

   Kelly Howell *

   Vincent Nardone

   Mona Shaban

   Peter Simov

   Dwight Swift

   Brant West

Class of 2007

   Rob Correll

   Carlos Ortiz

   Austin Reid

   David Sheibley

   James Wells *

Class of 2006

   Adhil Bahalim

   Jonathan Baker

   Mary Fulton

   Laura Gilbert *

   Colleen Gillespie

   Mike Kaufman

   Christian Rothenbach

Class of 2005

   Megan McDonald

   Blair Reynolds

   Chris Schamper

   Kiril Simov *

Class of 2004

   Nick Hansell

   Anders Langworthy

   Michael Malenbaum

   Rachel McCord *

Class of 2003

   Adam Abele

   Peter Campbell *

   Casey Chiang

   Sharon Meidt *

   Grady Patterson

   Patten Priestley

   Andrew Schoewe

Class of 2002

   Meghan Carroll

   Laura Cupples

   Cheryl Greene

   Diana Pendergrast *



Class of 2001

   Phillip Stewart

   Timothy Valdes

   Emmett Weindruch *

Class of 2000

   Jonathan Esten

   Derek Kverno

   Jim Nolen *

   Ansel Singer-Barnum

Class of 1999

   Will Bradshaw

   Lee Burnett

   Seth Carpenter

   Cabell Fisher





Class of 1998

   Andrew Borleske

   Ryan Conatser

   Beth Denius

   Amanda Fleishman

   Lewis Hoffman

   Benjamin Kinnaman

   Michael Lassiter

   Michael Lee

   Douglas Meislahn

   Natsuki Mochida

   Doug Neumann

   Jeffrey Weekes

   Thomas Wheeler

   Martin Young

Class of 1997

   John Cowan Jr.

   Clay Lenhart

   Andrew O'Dell

Class of 1996

   Tom Haynie

   Mike Rogerson

Class of 1995

   Andy Antonelli

   Susan Fischer

   Joe Kestel

Class of 1994

   Vincent Choo

   Jennifer McCutchen

   Katrina O'Neal

   David Rhodes

   Steve Turner

Class of 1993

   Craig Bohart

   Gus Gustafson

   Jerry Hu

   Philip Mone

   John Mullis

Class of 1992

   Timm Crowder

   Girish Gvalani

   Mark Steen

   Ashoke Talukdar

   Vashist Worah

Class of 1991

   Bishow Adhikari

   Wei Gao

   Joe Hammond

   John Nix

   Ford Shippey

   Bowe Strickland

   Pichet Thiansathaporn

Class of 1990

   Ben Cardwell

   Jit Gurung

   Izzy Justice

   Joe Louderback

Class of 1989

   Patricia Fisher

   Charles Gowing

   Jeff Gregory

   Steve Reynolds

   David Shelor

   John Stewart

   Rufus Timberlake

Class of 1988

   Barbara Brooks

   Allen Compton

   Sim Harbert

   Chris Hughes

   Doug Kim

   Steve Lau

   Eric Ogden

   David Rosselot

   John Teed

Class of 1987

   Sampson Law

   Matt Melton

   Sean Miller

   Mike Saenger

   David White

Class of 1986

   Micah Downing

   Charles Griffith

   Lou Krempel

   Philip Lackey

   Bob Nichols

Class of 1985

   Ladson Brearley

   Hans Jensen

   Dan Juengst

   Ben Pope

   Jim Shaw

   Bill Swift

   Jim Weller

Class of 1984

   Mills Antley

   Bill Bankhead

   Richard Barber

   Stephen Giles

   Bill Hay

   Steve King

   Kelly Moore

   Mayo Oppenhimer

   Cliff Savage

   John Van Dell

Class of 1983

   Bob Buchanan

   John Cain

   Jeff Herrin

   John Lusk

   Alvin Specht

Class of 1982

   Mark Hammond

   Victor Hawk

   Jerome Hay

   Kim Hulett

   Tom Marshburn

Class of 1981

   Charles Askins

   Chris Baker

   Jim Etre

   Eric Frey

   Karen Long