My Delphi Programming Work

A note about downloading these files/programs:
    You have two options: you may download the .Zip files which
    contain the .dpr,.pas, and .dfm files needed to compile, or you
    can simply download the .exe file.   The difference is that you
    must have a version of Delphi and a copy of Dr. Christian's Scitools
    to be able to compile the zipped files or you can just download the
    executable file which will run by itself (You can't see the code though).
    Well, whatever you decide I hope you enjoy the programs below:


Gravitational Force Project:

     This project uses Newton's law of gravitation to calculate the gravitational force of attraction between two bodies.  A good program to study for the beginner!

Download the .EXE file   Download the Zip file


The Pocket Calculator:

     This is a fun little project.  It really is just a calculator, but the code is simple and easy to learn from.  There is also good error checking here.

Download the .EXE file  Download the Zip file


The Derivator:

     This program takes the first and second derivatives of a user defined function and then evaluates the derivative at a specified point.  It uses the 4th Order Central Limit Theorem to calculate the derivatives.One can also adjust the accuracy of the derivative by adjusting the tolerance level controls.

Download the .EXE file Download the .ZIP file


Predator-Prey Model:

     One can use this program to give graphical solutions to a cooperative and competitive species population model represented by 1st order differential equations using the 4th order Runge-Kutta method. 

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Function Grapher: Lissajous & Epicycloid:

     This program allows one to graph two different functions either independant of one another or function1 vs. function2.  You can also graph a lissjous curve or
an Epicycloid function. 

Download the .EXE file  Download the Zip file


The Kinematic Equation Grapher for the Golfer:

     This program allows one to graph basic kinematic motion, motion with the forces of drag present, motion with the forces of air resistance present, and motion with both air resistance ANDdrag.  It all comes packaged in terms of motion of a golf ball. A MUST FOR EVERY GOLFER!!!!! A NEWER VERSION OF THIS VERY PROGRAM WILL BE OUT BY FEBRUARY!!  STAY TUNED!!

Download the .EXE file  Download the Zip file


The Monte Carlo Scattering Program Version 1.0 

     This program models light transport through a user definedtissue sample.  It uses the Monte Carlo method to keep a history of a photon's path through tissue and then outputs the data to a graphical interface.  This is by far the chef d'oeuvre when it comes to my programs.  This program waswritten as the result of my Summer Research Experience with PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT), the latest craze in the Physics cure for cancer!!!

Download the .ZIP File    Download the .EXE file

    Sorry,  since some of these programs were written early on in my career
they might have a few bugs in them.  I am working in my spare
time to fix them up, so if at first they don't work, try 'em and try 'em again.
Stay tuned as well because I have plans to put a few more programs on this
page before too long!!

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