Pre-class Exercise #8: sinusoidally driven harmonic oscillator


U-drive: choose the F and w:

 F0 =  Note: keep |F|<6

 w =  Note: keep w<5

Check this box to see velocity, too

(Once the box is selected/deselected you must reinitialize your choice.)

This physlet simulates a sinusoidally driven harmonic oscillator with zero damping.  Observe the motion for small w (w ~ 0.2) and large w (w ~ 4).  In particular, note whether the component of the motion at the drive frequency is in or out of phase with the drive.  Now consider the equation of motion for an undamped, driven harmonic oscillator and the relative magnitude of the inertial (ma) and restoring (kx) terms.  Which term dominates when w is small?  How about when w is large?  Neglecting the smaller term, can you explain the phase difference between the drive and the motion in each case?


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This Physlet was written by Tim Gfroerer and scripted by Mario Belloni.