PHYSICS 400: statistical and thermal physics, fall 2016

Tim Gfroerer, Davidson College


Announcements and Class Demonstrations


*NOTE: Attendance at all physics seminars (click on EVENTS) is required.


Date Announcement or Demonstration
8/24 Equipartition Physlet
8/26  Physlet Physics Illustration 20.3: Thermodynamic Processes
8/29 Heat Capacity Applets. Snapshots: 2-Level and Multi-Level
8/31 Microstates/Macrostates Physlet.
9/2 Calculating multiplicities on Excel.  Download Statmech or Equilib program (look under Unit T).
9/5 Problem with big numbers
9/14 Figure 3.1: Entropy and Temperature
9/23 Figure 3.14: Entropy and Pressure
9/23 Physlet Quantum Physics Section 15.2
10/12 Carnot Cycle applet
10/12 The password to open Review Solutions is PHY400
10/17 Otto engine simulator
10/21 Laser cooling
10/28 Vapor Pressure of Water
11/2 Van der Waals Model
11/4 Van der Waals constants
11/7 Landau Theory
11/9 Critical Phenomena, Landau magnetization notebook
11/9 1982 Nobel Prize: Phase Transitions
11/9 Early Universe Landau Theory
11/18 Maxwell speed distribution notebook
12/2 Semiconductor impurity notebook